Welcome to Noah’s Ark Christian Academy! We are excited to partner with you during this important stage of your child’s development! We want to work with you in providing a setting in which your child will find comfort, compassion, and the opportunity to learn.

Our program is designed to teach children Christian values, create positive, developmentally appropriate learning experiences, promote confidence and self-esteem, facilitate age appropriate positive social skills and nurture healthy relationships.


Curriculum Night

September 26th at 7pm

Get to know your child’s teacher, as they explain what is planned for this school year.



Our Programs

At Noah’s Ark Christian Academy, we take each skill learned as a young child and expose those skills to new ones, building a bridge from previous learning experiences while creating a foundation for future school years to come.

Noah’s Ark is a wonderful community of parents and teachers. If you’re looking for a way to get involved or give back, here are some opportunities where we’d love for you to contribute your time and talent! Please contact us for more information or to get involved.


2’s Program

Our Two-Year-Old Program includes a variety of intriguing and fun activities that stimulate early brain development through creative play. Learn more

3’s program

Our Three-Year-Old Curriculum is designed to capture the three year olds natural curiosity and make learning fun. Learn more

4’s program

Our Four-Year-Old Program offers a curriculum program that embraces children’s natural curiosity and builds the foundation for success in school and life. Learn more

Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten program provides multiple vehicles of learning, enhancing each child’s unique learning approach. The small class size enables a learning environment that is child-centered, conducive to free exploration and a differentiated instructional path for each child. Learn more


Our enrichment programs all support our commitment to purposeful play as they provide an atmosphere of enthusiasm, confidence, fun and self-esteem. Currently we offer Cooking and STEM. Learn more


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