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summer camp

“I Love Exploring Nature”

Children ages 3–5 are invited to outdoor fun! Sign up for one, two or all three weeks. Summer camp is from 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m., May 28–June 14. For more information, contact Susan Brown, sbrown@barringtonumc.com.



Week 1 | May 28–31 (Tuesday–Friday) $115.00

Seeds, Nature Walks, Nature Art, Digging, Dirt & Mud!


Week 2 | June 3–7 (Monday–Friday) $140.00

Gardening, Flowers, Crawling Insects, Magnifying Glasses, Seedlings, Sprouts and Colors in Nature!


Week 3 | June 10–14 (Monday–Friday) $140.00

Birds, Flying Insects, Flying Kites, Up In The Sky, Trees, Leaves and Nature Art!

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